Voluntary Annexation Information

Come Grow With Us Decorative BannerWelcome to the City of Seminole Annexation information page. Please choose one of the following forms, voluntary annexation or subdivision petition of interest, if you wish to participate in voluntary annexation.

Please note: The voluntary annexation form is for an individual whilst the subdivision petition of interest is for the interest of your community subdivision to annex as a whole.  

Annexation Notes


Voluntary Annexation Petition


If you are interested in annexing into the City, please fill out this petition and either mail it, or bring it to City Hall. If your property is contiguous to the existing City limits and within our voluntary annexation area, we will immediately process your application for annexation into the City.


Annexation Petition of Interest


If your subdivision is interested in annexing into Seminole, City staff and elected officials will schedule a meeting with your group or homeowner's association to answer questions you may have concerning annexation issues.

Subsequent to this meeting, a petition of interest can be circulated and you can have your neighbors sign it. If the petition shows that there is considerable interest in annexation, a referendum can potentially be scheduled to allow your area to vote on annexing into the City.



If you have any questions, please call the Community Development Director at (727)398-3108, ext. 129 or e-mail at wwright@myseminole.com.