Lien/Code Enforcement Searches

For information regarding, code enforcement violations &/or open liens, and permits:

  Please send request to the attention of the City Clerk, via mail or e-mail.

  There is a $25.00 search fee for each request.

  Turnaround time: Approximately 5-10 business days. 

  For a rush request (2-3 business days) there is a $50.00 search fee for code enforcement and a $50.00 search fee for permit.

 Each request is considered a separate and distinct request for information. Code Enforcement Violations and outstanding liens are one request. An open and/or expired permit is a separate request.


  All checks should be made out to:

City of Seminole


Attn: City Clerk

City of Seminole

9199 113th Street North

Seminole, FL, 33772


To find the location of a property: 

  Search for the property on the Property Appraiser's web site:

  Use the "Search Our Database" function.

  If the tax district code is SM, the property is located in the City of Seminole.

  If the tax district code is STF or SRT, the property is located in the unincorporated Pinellas County.

  If it is in the unincorporated Pinellas County, you need to call (727)-464-3888.

Your request will be processed in accordance with the Florida Public Records Law (FS 119.01). If you have any questions, you may contact me at (727)-391-0204 x 109 or by e-mail at .