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The City of Seminole Building Division's responsibility is to provide technical information to Citizens, Contractors, and Developers regarding codes, ordinances and other related issues. The City of Seminole ensures that all construction activity is in compliance with City, State, Local Laws, and Codes. The Florida Building Code standard that the City applies to all construction is to protect the public health and safety of the community. We pride ourselves with giving you the best service in a timely and courteous manner.


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The list below is our most common construction activities that DO NOT require a permit from the City of Seminole. The list is illustrative only and is not meant to be exhaustive. Several factors may determine, if in fact, a permit is required.

Building Icon      Work of a strictly cosmetic nature; painting, carpeting, wallpapering, tile.

Building Icon      Replacement of cabinets, as long as the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical is not relocated, and any new item is reconnected in the same location.

Building Icon      Portable heating appliance. This is an appliance that is plugged into an outlet and is not permanently installed.

Building Icon      Repair of existing heating/cooling system.

Building Icon      Installation/replacement of a storm/screen door. This is a door that is secondary to an exterior door.

Building Icon      Replacement/repair of glazing (glass) in the existing frame/sash.

Building Icon      Replacement of an exterior door slab when reinstalled in the existing jamb.

Building Icon      Replacement of interior doors.

Building Icon      Replacement of a toilet with no change in location.

Building Icon      Replacement of a sink and/or faucet with no change in location.

Building Icon      Repair of a water heater.

Building Icon      Minor electrical, such as the replacement of an outlet or switch in the same location.

For clarification of the above list, the following DOES require a permit:

Building Icon      Replacement of a condenser, air handler or both, and/or package unit.

Building Icon      Replacement of a water heater.

Building Icon      Replacement/installation of the entire window.

Building Icon      Replacement/installation of the door and jamb.

Additional information may be found in Section 105.1, Florida Building Code: Florida Building Code, Chapter 1

**FY20 Building Permit and Inspection Utilization Report**