Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement vehicle at 9199 113th Street, Seminole, FL 33772

Up to Code

The neighborhoods and structure in Seminole require maintenance to stay in good condition as they age. Individual structures and neighborhoods that are not maintained not only deteriorate beyond a usable point, they also cost residents more money. Property values fall, vandalism and crime occur more frequently and neighborhoods become dirty and unattractive.

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods -- Individual Property Owner Responsibility. Unfortunately, some people are not responsible owners. That is why residents band together to ask government to create minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards protect surrounding property owners and tenants, who might otherwise suffer from substandard conditions.

How Our Service Is Provided:

A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Building Department at (727) 392-1966. We need information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The City Code Officer will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector will issue an order to comply.

If You Receive a Notice of Violation:

Find out how to correct the problem and do so promptly. You can ask for additional time provided you are making progress on the violation(s). Some problems are serious and correction must not be delayed. If you are unwilling to take prompt action to correct the problems, there are several possible consequences. The City can arrange for a lot to be mowed or for a vacant, open structure to be boarded. The cost is then billed to you. If legal action becomes necessary, you will be served a notice to appear before the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate.

Remember: The Code Enforcement Officer is here to help. Working together can prevent blight in our neighborhoods and throughout the City, and further affect and enhance the quality of life in our City.