City Attorney

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Jay Daigneault
City Attorney

The City Attorney is the legal advisor to the Council, City Manager, and all City Departments, Offices, and Agencies. They prosecute and defend on behalf of the City. They additionally handle all complaints, suits, and controversies in which the City is a party when such action is required by the council.

The City Attorney reviews all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in which the City is concerned and shall approve or disapprove as to form, sufficiency, and correctness. No contract with the City shall take effect until it has been so endorsed by the Attorney in writing.

  • Book-styled bullet point Shall perform such duties as may be directed by the Council or the laws of the State of Florida.
  • Book-styled bullet point Shall recommend to the Council, by letter, one or more qualified attorneys to perform his duties, if required, during his temporary absences or disability.