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Globe        Why Recycle? - It is vital to recycle and reduce waste here in Pinellas County because we have only one landfill. Recycling helps to conserve landfill space and ensure a sustainable future.

Globe        Did you know that over 75% of the trash in Pinellas County could be recycled?

Globe        Plastic bags and plastic wrap are the #1 contaminant!

Did you know that plastic bags and plastic wrap cannot go in your recycling container? Plastic bags and plastic wraps tangle in the machinery that separates the different materials for processing, bringing the entire system to a standstill. If you want to recycle your plastic bags, take them with you next time you visit a store that participates in their collection. Better yet, use reusable bags.


Globe        Pinellas County's Recycle Guide

Globe        Pinellas County's Where Does It Go? Search Tool

This guide tells us how to recycle or safely dispose of just about anything.

Reduce Recycle Resue