The Training Section is responsible for helping to ensure that Fire Rescue personnel have the skills necessary to mitigate any hazardous condition in a safe and efficient manner. The Training Section develops monthly training programs designed to meet a wide variety of challenges faced by Fire Rescue personnel. The National Fire Protection Agency, OSHA and other State and Federal agencies mandate minimum annual training requirements. The Training Section's goal is to exceed those requirements and provide Seminole Fire Rescue personnel with the highest level of knowledge and skill possible. The Training Section conducts the research, development and delivery of training programs to address these needs.

A comprehensive list of Fire Rescue subjects, including classes in hazardous materials and technical rescue, help ensure that firefighters are utilizing the latest technology. Personnel are provided training to maintain certification requirements and meet advanced skill requirements when assuming additional responsibility in their job classification or when testing for a promotion. Officer development, cultural diversity, safety and wellness issues have become an integral part of the Training Section's curriculum. Minimum and Advancement Standards are developed through the Training Section.