Calls for Service



The Assistant Fire Chief of Operations/Training oversees all field operations and manages the Operations Division. There are three shifts of firefighters and each shift has 23 personnel assigned. Shift personnel work 24 hours on shift followed by 48 hours off shift. The average workweek for line firefighters is 56 hours per week.  A District Chief manages each of the three shifts and a Lieutenant is assigned to manage each crew.


Historical Calls for Service

Historical Calls For Service from 2013 through 2018 shows a steady rise from just over 10,000 per year to over 12,000 per year with a majority of EMS calls versus fire and non-EMS calls.

911 Calls for Service by Calendar Year


House Engulfed in Flames


During 2018 the Pinellas County 911 Regional Communications Center transferred 12,777 calls for assistance to our Fire Rescue Department.  On average eighty five percent of our annual call volume is attributed to Emergency Medical Services calls, which include motor vehicle accidents and other types of rescue calls.  The remainder of calls is related to fire alarms, fires, hazardous materials responses, public assists, etc.


The average response time for all Seminole Fire District first arriving units is 4:43 minutes.  Many incidents require multiple units to respond.  The current service area includes approximately 100,000 residents and covers twenty-five square miles.



Pinellas County 911 Active Calls

Click on the link below to see active Fire & EMS calls in Pinellas County:


The men and women of the City of Seminole Fire Rescue Department take their jobs and individual responsibilities very seriously. Their dedication to excellence keeps the Department's performance among the best in the State of Florida.


Calendar Year 2018 – Year to Date Calls for Service


Seminole Fire Rescue 911 Calls by Month which shows March of 2018 and January of 2019 being the highest number of 911 calls per month in excess of 1150 calls per month.