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The Seminole Fire Rescue Department is truly an “All-Hazards” response agency, responding throughout the Fire District to the diverse and many needs of our residents. Throughout the year we do numerous animal rescues including rescues of ducks, dogs, cats, pigs, birds, and cows to name a few.

Pig in a blanket

Rescued a kitty

Firefighter & kitten

Firefighter & cow

Horned Owl

Firefighter & Puppy

Fire truck, crew and pet carrier

Fire Rescue personnel are trained for all types of emergency situations including active shooter incidents. Each department vehicle is equipped with ballistic vests and helmets that can be quickly donned in an active shooter incident or when the potential for bodily harm to responders is high.

Firefighters with potbellied pig

Active shooter response team

Oxygenating a cat after a fire

Firefighter holding a rodent

Active shooter response training class