Volunteers of the Library

**Due to the pandemic, we are currently not accepting volunteers**

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Library tutor volunteer The Seminole Community Library welcomes those who desire to serve as volunteers.The Library staff highly values the service volunteers perform and indeed, that service enables staff to function more efficiently and effectively. Because both staff and volunteers represent the Library to the public, both are expected to adhere to similar standards of conduct in regard to contact with the public. In working closely with staff, volunteers learn more about Library operations and the Library as an educational and cultural institution. They observe firsthand the way the Library serves the needs of the College and community, and their contribution to that service.


Interested teen volunteers, please visit the Seminole Community Library Teen Volunteers Page


Please contact the Circulation Supervisor at (727) 394-6909 or 
aporcelli@myseminole.com for more information. You can also tell us a little about yourself in this volunteer application.

1.   Volunteers are persons who regularly perform duties or tasks for the Library without wages or benefits. Volunteer applicants seeking community service hours by court order shall work under the same guidelines as other volunteers, but may also be placed on a trial period of service.

2.   Persons interested in becoming Library volunteers are asked to complete a registration form and attend an interview with a volunteer coordinator. Volunteer coordinators are staff members from each section who supervise volunteers assigned to their respective sections.

3.   Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the Library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior code as employees.

4.   The Library welcomes both adult and youth volunteers. Adult volunteers generally are assigned to Circulation, Reference, Technical Services, or the Friends' Shoppe. Youth volunteers must be in sixth grade or above and have written permission from parents or legal guardian. Youth volunteers generally are assigned to Youth Services.

5.   In mutual consultation, volunteers and volunteer coordinator shall reach a clear understanding concerning work schedules and assignments.

6.   The volunteer coordinator shall provide clear orientation, training, and supervision for volunteers. Volunteers in turn shall agree to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, remain loyal to the mission and goals of the Library, and work according to its policies and procedures.

7.   Volunteers are required to wear identification badges when working in the Library, and are expected to adhere to similar standards of dress as staff.

8.   Adult volunteers are required to sign in and sign out of their shifts in the Volunteer Logbook kept behind the circulation desk. Youth volunteers sign in and out with Youth Services.

9.   Volunteers are asked to advise their volunteer coordinator if they:

o  are going to be absent

o  need to change their work schedule or assignment

o  have any relevant concern, problem or suggestion about their work as a volunteer

o  must resign from their volunteer service

10.  The volunteer coordinator will ask volunteers for an evaluation of the volunteer program periodically and also when they resign. Volunteers' comments are most welcome at other times as well.

11.  Volunteers are expected to have a basic knowledge of the Library's mission, services, and programs. It is the responsibility of the volunteer coordinators to insure that this information is communicated to volunteers at their orientation and thereafter to keep volunteers informed of policies, programs, and other matters affecting their service.

12.   Volunteers are welcome to use a Library telephone in a non-public area, such as a staff workroom, for brief, local calls when necessary.

13.   Volunteers are welcome to use the staff lounge located on the second floor. The lounge is equipped with a refrigerator, sink, microwave oven, and telephone. Volunteers are asked help keep the lounge clean and orderly in their use of it.

14.   The Library reserves the right to discontinue or change a volunteer's service assignment when it is determined to be beneficial to the Library’s mission and goals.

15.   In regard to liability insurance, volunteers recruited and registered by St. Petersburg College will have coverage under the College's insurance; volunteers recruited and registered with the City of Seminole or the Friends of the Seminole Library will have coverage under the City’s insurance.

Each volunteer will receive orientation and training appropriate to his/her assignment. The Orientation will include the following:

1.   Introduction of volunteers, volunteer coordinator, and staff.

2.   Distribution of Volunteer Orientation Packet and review of contents

o  PPLC Calendar of Events

o  Library bookmark

o  Library Fact Sheet

o  Library Mission Statement

o  Guide to Library Collection

o  Friends of the Library brochure

o  Library Staff Roster

o  Volunteer Policy

o  Volunteer Job Description

o  Dress Code

3.   Use of Volunteer Logbook and volunteer identification badges.

4.   Tour of library.

Volunteers help in a variety of ways, which can vary according to the section of the Library to which they are assigned. Some typical assignments:

o       shelve books and other materials

o       "read" and straighten shelves

o       check in books and other materials

o       assist staff with programming

o       assist staff with processing new materials

o       assist with operation of Friends' Shoppe

o       assist staff with patrons needing help with computers, printers, copiers, and scanners

o       assist Youth Services staff with children's programming and activities

The Library provides an annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon to publicly recognize and thank volunteers for their valuable service. A catered meal, gifts, public recognition, and enjoyable entertainment are featured at each luncheon as an expression of genuine gratitude for all that our volunteers do for the Library.