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Beginner Baton

Ages 4+

Learn the basics of baton twirling and become a competitive twirler.   Beginners
$39 Monthly members
$58.50 Monthly non-members
Competitive Baton - Based on qualifications. See instructor for details.   Thur
Time varies
$78 Monthly members
$117 Monthly non-members
Digital Glow Art Ages 7-13      

See your artwork under UV black lights! Using glossy paper and glowing, electrifying colors, your child will learn the art of neon effects. PLUS they will use Photoshop and leave each week with a new work of art!

Four-Week Session
November 7-November 28

Pre-Registration is required.

Drama Kids Ages K-5      

Children in grades K-5th will learn the art of improve, mini-scripts, dialogue development and more in this fun and interactive drama class.

Four-Week Session
September 4-September 25

Pre-Registration is required.

$50 Members
$75 Non-members
Lil' Drama Kids Ages 3-5      

Toddlers will learn how to channel their creativity and build self-confidence in this fun and interactive drama class.

Four-Week Session
September 10-October 1
November 5-November 26

Pre-Registration is required.

$40 Members
$60 Non-members
Lil' Drivers Ages 3-5      

Through this six-week course, toddlers will learn basic traffic rules as they race through fun obstacle courses.

Six-week Session
September 6-October 11

Pre-Registration is required.

5:30pm - 6:00pm
$24 Members
$36 Non-Members
Lil' Glow Art Ages 3-5      

Your artsy toddler will love digital glow art! This class uses glossy paper and glowing, electrifying colors to create glow-mazing pieces of art! PLUS they will cleave each week with a new work of art!

Four-Week Session
September 5-September 26

Pre-Registration is required.

5:30pm - 6:00pm
$32 Members
$48 Non-Members
Lil' Mad Scientists Ages 3-5      

Your child will conducts science experiments while both having fun and learning! Before you know it, your child will grow up to be a scientific genius!

Three-week Session
December 1-December 22

Pre-Registration is required.

10:00am - 10:30am
$24 Members
$36 Non-Members
Lil' Picassos Ages 4-8      

Allow your child to express their creativity and imagination through painting, paper maché and crafting projects in this art program made especially for children!

Six-Week Session
September 8-October 13

Pre-Registration is required.

11:00am - 11:30am
$32 Members
$48 Non-Members
Lil' Sports Ages 3-5      

In this four week course, your child will learn how to become a sports legend by exposure to multiple different and engaging activities every week!

Six-Week Session
November 6-November 27

Pre-Registration is required.

$24 Members
$36 Non-Members
Mini MMA Ages 5-15      

Learn the basics in self-defense, karate and other martial arts. Come get your ninja on!

Pre-Registration is required.

5-10 years old
11-15 years old


Monthly $40 Members
Monthly $60 Non-Members   Contact Us

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The Recreation Division is dedicated to keeping the Seminole Community active and engaged by providing comprehensive Recreation Programming and events for residents and visitors of Seminole.

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