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Up to Code

As we age, we take steps to maintain and improve our health. The neighborhoods and structure in Seminole also require maintenance to stay in good condition as they age. Individual structures and neighborhoods that are not maintained not only deteriorate beyond a usable point, they also cost residents more money. Property values fall, vandalism and crime occur more frequently and neighborhoods become dirty and unattractive.

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods -- Individual Property Owner Responsibility. Unfortunately, some people are not responsible owners. That is why residents band together to ask government to create minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards protect surrounding property owners and tenants, who might otherwise suffer from substandard conditions.

The Property Checklist below is designed to help you evaluate your own property. Please review this information and take steps to be a Responsible Property Owner.

Check Your Property

Repair rotted wood, broken or missing boards, siding or shingles and make all exterior parts weather tight, rodent proof and sound. Exteriors must be resistant to water and be in good condition. Inspect:

  • exterior walls
  • roof parts including rafters, soffits, fascia
  • roof covering
  • railings on stairs, elevated landings and porches
  • fences (should be in good repair and legal height)

Keep housing safe, sanitary, in good repair and sound condition. Inspect both interior and exterior:

  • walls, ceilings, floors
  • plumbing pipes and fixtures
  • windows and screens

Make sure that:

  • address numbers are permanently attached to the house and clearly visible from the street and alley.
  • garbage is properly disposed of through the City’s solid waste provider.
  • there are no areas where stagnant water collects that could possibly breed mosquitoes.

Yard Maintenance

  • 10 inch rule
  • Mow the lawn
  • Edge or remove growth from sidewalks, curb lines, gutters.


  • Store furniture, building materials, junk, disabled or untagged automobiles, refrigerators, freezers and auto parts inside of a legally constructed, fully enclosed structure.
  • No overnight parking of commercial equipment (boat and trailer, utility trailer, camper, recreational vehicle) is permitted on the street or the City right-of-way. Some storage may be permitted in private yards under certain conditions. Check with Code Enforcement for details.

Paving / Parking

  • Driveways, steps, sidewalks and other paved areas must be in good repair and free of debris.
  • Commercial vehicles and equipment may not be parked or stored overnight in a residential zone, unless within a fully enclosed structure.

Business Activities

  • Home occupations (any business conducted from your home) must be property licensed and must meet zoning criteria. No traffic or outside display may occur and the occupation must be clearly secondary to the use of the property as a home.

Code Enforcement
How Our Service is Provided
A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Building Department at (727) 392-1966. We need information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The City Code Officer will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector will issue an order to comply.
If You Receive a Notice of Violation
Find out how to correct the problem and do so promptly. You can ask for additional time provided you are making progress on the violation(s). Some problems are serious and correction must not be delayed. If you are unwilling to take prompt action to correct the problems, there are several possible consequences. The City can arrange for a lot to be mowed or for a vacant, open structure to be boarded. The cost is then billed to you. If legal action becomes necessary, you will be served a notice to appear before the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate.
Remember: The Code Enforcement Officer is here to help. Working together can prevent blight in our neighborhoods and throughout the City, and further affect and enhance the quality of life in our City.
Top-Code Violations

  • Inoperative Motor Vehicles City Code, Sec: 39-54 & 18-70
    Inoperative motor vehicles cannot be parked or maintained in a residential district, except within a fully enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit. An inoperative vehicle is a vehicle that does not display a current license tag and/or is not equipped with all parts that are required to legally and safely operate on public streets and/or cannot be driven under its own power (whether or not designed for use on the public streets).
  • Junk, Trash and Debris City Code, Sec: 18-31
    Junk, trash and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed of. This includes junk, auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, tires, trash such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, etc; and debris such as tree trimmings and fallen limbs.
  • Parking City Code, Sec: 39-51 through 39-55
    Parking is permitted for passenger cars and motorcycles in residential lots only on a legal driveway or in a garage. A drive or parking area must be constructed with approved parking surfaces. A yard area can be used for parking as long as a vehicle does not block a sidewalk, block visibility for an adjoining property, impede drainage, or damage landscape. Check with the Planning and Zoning Division (727) 398-3108 for more information about legally recognized parking areas.
  • Commercial Equipment, City Code Sec: 39-52
    Generally, commercial equipment and commercial vehicles may not be parked or stored in a residential area unless they are within a fully enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit.
  • Condition of Structures, City Code 6-31 (1994) Standard Housing Code
    The maintenance of a structure is the responsibility of the property owner. Any wood, siding, shingles, roof covering, railings, fences, walls, ceilings, porches, doors, windows and screens, and other exterior parts of a structure must be maintained in weather tight, rodent proof, sound condition and good repair. The property owner is responsible for maintaining secure windows, doors or other openings that cannot be readily opened from the outside. An owner may need to board up a vacant structure if a break-in occurs. Security boards should be made of exterior grade plywood painted in a neutral color that blends inconspicuously with the exterior colors of the building.
  • Outdoor Storage, City Code Sec: 18-31
    Outdoor storage is prohibited. Generally, any equipment, materials, or furnishings that would ordinarily not be used outdoors may not be stored outdoors. For example, you may not keep indoor furniture, household appliances, auto parts, or building materials outside.
  • Illegal Dwelling Units, City Code Sec: 50-141
    Dwelling units that have been added to the interior or the exterior of a structure without proper permits are illegal, regardless of how long the units have existed. The City will require closure of such illegal units
  • Prohibited Business, City Code Sec: 42-167
    Most businesses are not allowed to operate in residential areas as they disrupt residents and the community. This means that car and boat repairs, construction of cabinets and furniture, and other activities that are not normally carried on in a residential district are prohibited. Remember, engaging in a business requires an occupational license.

Did You Know? The most common violations are the illegal parking of inoperable vehicles and failure to clean up junk and rubbish.

  • Property information. - This information is available as part of a public records request. The following information can be obtained: Code violations, building permit history, and viewing access or copies for plans on file with the City. Interested parties should call (727) 392-1966 for more information.
  • Any structural repairs, new fences, most plumbing and electrical work, driveway installations, and even removal of certain trees may require a permit from the City. Please call (727) 392-1966 for more information.
  • The City can eliminate unsafe buildings or structures through demolition under the Florida Building Code.
  • The City can board up vacant buildings that are open at the doors and windows after the required legal notification is made to the owner.
  • The City can cause to be cleaned, cleared or mowed, as may be applicable, vacant lots after the required legal notification is made to the owner. (City Ordinance Section).

  • Seminole City Hall, 9199 113th St N Seminole, FL 33772 Main: 727-391-0204 Fax: 727-391-5458